Truck tires: your contact with the world

In a truck, tires are that which can be optimized in the easiest and most efficient manner. This optimization will have clearly traceable results not only in fuel consumption -where it is already of chief importance! - But on the longevity and smooth functioning of shock absorbers.

Additionally, and as every professional knows, having the appropriate truck tires is of chief importance for the precision of your driving, the speed of response of the truck and, ultimately, for your life, since it is one of the most conditioning factors in your security.

Furthermore, new truck tires are less exposed to rubbing due to their more pronounced slits and, in consequence, make the truck emit less fuel and be more ecological. Also, a new truck tire is of the uttermost importance while riding under the rain, since the slits will drain more in less time.

That being said, how do we know when to change tires, and which new ones to get? The best way to find those things out (while paying the least) is going to the GCR tire centers. There, the technical staff will advise you and take a look at your vehicle to make a compromise-free budget; this is the kind of service you will find only from a leader in the sector!

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