Passenger & Light Truck - Product details


  • Category: Light truck
  • Brand: Bridgestone
  • Type: All season
  • Features UNI-T technology. Semi-stealth blocks - promote higher tread stiffness fromimproved handling while enhancing water evacuation. Stepped inside notch and saw tooth groove - contribute to snow traction. Open shoulder tread design - helps evacuate water and improves wet traction and handling. Dual layer tread (available in P-metric sizes) - optimizes performance characteristics by controlling the interaction between polymer, filler materials and other rubber chemicals at the molecular level. DuraTread (available in LT-metric and flotation sizes) - high durability compound that minimizes chipping and tearing of the tread to stand up to demanding applications. Speed rating T (P-metric), R, S (LT-metric). 80,000 Kilometre Limited Treadwear Warranty (P-metric sizes only). Platinum Pact Limited Warranty.