About us

Mission Statement

“To be the # 1 National Chain of Tire Centres in Eastern Canada by Providing Society with Superior Quality” 

We take pride in providing premium products and services to our customers. We strive to fulfill the passion of our company to improve the safety and lives of people everywhere.  Today and for many years to come, GCR Tire Centres will continuously demonstrate dedication & commitment to be the company that you can trust.


GCR Tire Centers

The founders of GCR were Balie Griffith, Harold Crawford and Perry Rose. The company name was established by using the first letter of their lastnames. GCR Tire Centers is the retail division of Bridgestone.

 The first GCR operations opened in 1945 in Odessa, Texas. By 2002, GCR had already grown to be a leader in the fleet service industry, provider of commercial, truck and farm tires. It has successfully established over 150 locations in North America, including 48 in Canada. Bridgestone had acquired an additional three companies in Canada which became the foundation of GCR Canada:  C.T.R (Canadian Tire and Repair) was bought by Bridgestone in 1986. C.T.R was the first company in Quebec to offer service calls to the customers. Crown Tire Atlantic was purchased by Bridgestone in 1988.  At the time, Crown Tire Atlantic was an authorized Bridgestone and Bandag Dealer.  Crown Tire Atlantic had a mixture of business segments with a stronger focus on Bandag retreading. Pardy’s Tires was bought by Bridgestone in 1990. They supplied tires and services andwere known for their strong community ties in Newfoundland and the Labrador Region. After the acquisition of Crown Tire Atlantic, GCR’s name was changed to Bridgestone Firestone Service Centers and subsequently to GCR Tire Centres.

In March 2002, GCR Canada became a part of the North American GCR family.  At that time, there were 42 locations, seven Bandag retread shops and one off-the-road retread shop spread throughout the Eastern Provinces of Canada.